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Last few Muscletech Essentials released, Arnold duo and Beef Protein still not listed

Last three Muscletech Essentials now available

The last time we checked on Muscletech’s Essential Series we were a few supplements short of a full launch, with a handful of the basic products yet to hit shelves. The last few formulas have now started showing up in stores with Platinum 100% Fish Oil, BCAA 8:1:1, 100% Phosphatidylserine and the unflavored protein solution ISO-Zero all available somewhere. The new releases leave just three supplements to come, none of which are actually listed on Muscletech’s website. The first two are the duo we are beginning to think may not be coming at all, the Arnold previewed Test Booster and Gakic. With the third being the slightly more realistic product, Platinum 100% Beef Protein. While that is three Essentials unaccounted for, Muscletech fans won’t be disappointed with the brand’s basic supplement range now at 18 and all with competitive prices.

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