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Magnum box rebrand applied to another, Heat Accelerated due to get a little brighter

Magnum preview update to Heat Accelerated

Magnum Nutraceuticals last year updated two of their supplements with slightly more attractive looks. Seeing Acid Isolate and Thrust get a lot more colorful and be moved into box style packaging. The brand have now confirmed that another one of their current formulas is due to get the same kind of upgrade. With their fat burner Heat Accelerated getting the box treatment, and moving from it’s black and red theme to a brighter fiery white design. Magnum have yet to make the change online with their product still in it’s old bottle, however the brand are promising arrival of the Heat boxes in just two weeks time. The update will no doubt make the supplement substantially more attractive, although alternatively make the products Magnum have yet to rebrand look even more out of place.

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