PreCre the true performance enhancer, review of Muscle Element’s 48g pre-workout

Review of Muscle Elements pre-workout supplement PreCre

Like with Muscle Elements AmiNO Flow, we have been waiting to review the pre-workout PreCre ever since we first used it after the Olympia last year. We were struck with the same problem of course, as the brand’s release was delayed until earlier this year. Which meant if we reviewed any of Muscle Element’s products, no one would have been able to get a hold of them. Now that the brand are out, spreading themselves into a number of popular stockists, and the makers of our favorite amino formula. We have finally put together our review of the pre-workout PreCre. We did use it a couple of times late last year, but have recently put it through it’s paces over the past month or so to finalize our opinion, resulting in what we can only call a five star performance.

The first thing you will notice with Muscle Element’s PreCre is it’s rather large scoop size. The supplement weighs in at a massive 24g a serving, with two being it’s maximum totaling 48g. Initially it will seem like a bit of a shock throwing back something almost ten times the size you’re used to before working out. Once however you realize what the product has to offer, you’ll learn pretty quickly it’s not an issue. Especially with it’s fruit punch taste going down like a bit of a treat.

PreCre doesn’t come over you like a lot of the highly stimulating supplements out there, it’s one of the few that eases in and builds up across 20 or so minutes. When we say it eases in, this pre-workout isn’t going to wake you up with a slap in the face. The best way to gauge how well it’s actually working is by looking at your performance. You won’t necessarily notice an urge or rush to want to lift heavier for more reps. You will however pick up on the increased amount of weight you are lifting and additional reps, that both all of sudden come quite easily. The pre-workout basically replicates one of those days where you know you are about to set some personal records. You pick up or set the bar at the normal warm up amount, then much to your surprise knock out a set like it’s half the weight. You throw on a bit more, then the same thing happens and soon enough, you’ve got your eyes set on not just marginally beating your previous maximum lift or best rep total. But going well beyond it.

That feeling, that confidence, that you know you’ve got this. PreCre gives you. At first we thought it was just that, a good day here and there. However after using the product side by side with others, in different sessions, and at alternate times of day, it quickly became obvious that the Muscle Elements pre-workout was to blame. We aren’t saying that if you take PreCre you’re guaranteed to lift more than ever before. What we’re trying to communicate is that it mimics that comfort, confidence and performance of a fully recovered or ‘good day’. Your body will feel energized and ready to take on a challenge, knowing that it’s not going to fall apart or die after you push more than you’re used to. The pre-workout doesn’t force or stimulate you to think or act like this. It actually fuels your body to perform this way, sending you back into each set at 100% and not just mentally ready, but physically as well.

While the performance of PreCre is a five star effect, supplying you with calm energy and intensity that work together, resulting in the feeling that what you’re achieving is coming from just the right kind of fuel. Focus is another area we have to touch on for the Muscle Elements formula. At first around the one, one and a half scoop mark we didn’t feel the supplement provided anything outside of it’s unbeatable performance enhancements. Once we bumped it up to the maximum of two scoops, we then soon realized that despite it’s star attraction acting much the same from one and half to two. PreCre has a focus element that just amplifies the whole experience.

On the lower doses as mentioned the product doesn’t have much of a mental impact. Although once you’re up in the area of it’s maximum, you will find yourself in a world of your own when working out. On top of the increased power to lift more, and very real endurance to keep your body going. PreCre packs a mind altering punch that brings the whole thing together. Unlike other focus featuring formulas, this pre-workout doesn’t have the effect light up early on and lead you through your session. What it does is get your head on straight when it comes time to go. Once you get through the first set or exercise, around the time you usually get into the rhythm of things, that’s the point when you’ll notice something’s going on.

As highlighted with the increase in confidence and strength, where PreCre doesn’t stimulate, it essentially fuels the body to be prepared. The supplement’s mental aspect also has some what of an intensifying effect. The Muscle Element’s pre-workout has this ability to amplify your positivity or focus, and drive you to go get it. It kind of sneaks in when you talk yourself into doing something different, whether it be going heavy or longer. Some how the secondary effect accelerates that, almost like some sort of adrenaline activator. To top it off once the mind gets rolling and your risky record breaking attempts prove successful. It becomes a race to when the pre-workout wears off. Which at 60 to 90 minutes leaves you with plenty of time to do what you need to do and then some.

Going over all the areas of the product the one we would have to say is lacking in PreCre is it’s pump. With that said though, you aren’t going to miss it. For those looking to use the supplement for it’s highlighted performance benefits and laser like focus capabilities, you will be more than pleased with the package the pre-workout has to offer. To be honest even if it did deliver anything more than what it’s got, it would probably take away from what makes the formula so great. It is worth mentioning though that Muscle Element’s amino pump effort AmiNO Flow, is basically PreCre’s other half. So if you are on the hunt for an all around experience pump included, the two are stackable and can even be purchased discounted as the Grow With Me Stack.

We always talk about the five categories a pre-workout can feature. We have the obvious energy, the always appreciated focus, non-stop intensity, muscle pleasing pump and the most difficult one of all, increase in performance. That last one very few actually do. Plenty of products stimulate you enough to go for it all and reach for your best, few however do it without that high state of stimulation. PreCre we can tell you is one of them, and while it is difficult sometimes to tell the difference between a powerful performer and a stimulating one. A two scoop sample of PreCre will say it all. For us it’s the feeling of control and like we said, similar to having a ‘good day’, where the training all of a sudden seems to have paid off and the bar goes up a notch. The supplement’s performance benefits alone make it one of the best on the market, but combined with it’s one of a kind focus ability. We can honestly say there is nothing else like Muscle Elements PreCre out there right now.

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