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The Truth confirmed for September, clue #2 for Muscle Elements ‘something big’

Muscle Elements something big for September titled The Truth

This time last week we posted about one of the most vague things that has ever interested us. It was on the topic of Muscle Elements and their promotion of something big right before the Olympia. When we originally posted on the news we knew very little, with the only clue being that the brand are going to be doing something major in September. To add to the mystery Muscle Elements have passed on clue number two, an image with the title ‘The Truth’, backed by an army of words like prosecution, immoral and credibility. At this point it could still be a number of things, with the words in the latest clue relating to a lot of different topics. Despite the ‘something big’ remaining quite open, we get the sense that we’re in for some sort of an exposé. The colors, title and words could mean many things, but for us scream some kind of dramatic event, something Muscle Elements for whatever reason strongly believe in. Just as we said last time, our guess is as good as yours right now with still plenty of time before the brand’s big day rolls around in September.

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