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Monsta Clothing introduce another accessory, five bucks more for added lifting comfort

Monsta Clothing introduce their more comfortable Padded Lifting Straps

Yesterday we saw Monsta Clothing step outside their company name category, and head into their other popular department, lifting accessories. Today the brand have released another item in the area with their new Padded Wrist Straps. The product is a more comfortable variation of the common lifting strap fitted with padding around the wrists and the usual 9″ strap length to aid in lifting. The item features the same style printing as Monsta’s regular Pro Lifting Straps, with a graphic logo on the wrist and text logo on the strap. Another thing Monsta’s latest addition has in common with their classic accessory is price. As the brand have valued their new Padded Lifting Straps at $24.99, just five bucks more for the added comfort.

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