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The world’s most powerful fat burner? Moore Muscle launch Moore Ripped

Moore Muscle detail their world's most powerful fat burner Moore Ripped

Moore Muscle recently confirmed that their next new supplement would be the weight loss formula Moore Ripped. In their initial announcement they dropped a number of confident lines, the most bold one being that their new product ‘will be the most powerful fat burner in the world the day it is released’. That day has come and we have finally got a look at what the brand have put in the supplement to back up their claims. Moore Muscle have indeed packed out Moore Ripped, although we have to say in our eyes it doesn’t really look like the ‘most powerful fat burner in the world’. The product is powered by a 14 feature proprietary blend listing highlights such as guggul lipid extract, ashwanda root, coleus, and or course the common caffeine. We have uploaded Ripped’s facts panel below for your very own complete look at it’s contents. But for those interested in trying out the supplement straightaway, Moore Muscle do now have the product on sale direct for the usual high price of $70.

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