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Moore Muscle make it four for 2014, Joint follow Moore Ripped due in two weeks

Moore Muscle confirm the coming of a new fat burner Moore Ripped

Since Moore Muscle’s confident announcement of a whole lot of new supplements on the way. The brand have revealed and released three products Moore Growth, Moore Test Elite, and the most recent formula to hit shelves Moore Joint. Just when we thought Moore Muscle were done, it turns out they have at least one more in the bank looking to take on the weight loss category. The name of the brand’s fourth for the year is Moore Ripped, a supplement that according to Moore ‘will be the most powerful fat burner in the world the day it is released’. While the brand’s statement is extremely bold, we should soon be able to get a look at it’s formula to get an idea of what the product’s all about. As well as actually be able to purchase Ripped when it hits Moore’s direct store in an estimated two weeks time.

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