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Muscle Pharm go exclusive with 25% extra, promised 10lb Iron Mass surfaces at GNC

Muscle Pharm's 10lb Iron Mass launches at GNC

Over the past few months we have seen Muscle Pharm introduce a number of new sizes, most notably the larger bags for their protein powders Combat and the Arnold Series Iron Mass. While both have been released, with a lot stockists now listing Combat Protein in the more than double size 10lb, and Iron Mass in the less than double size 8lb. It is the latter that we actually had confusion with early on. Originally we were told the second size for the mass formula was a 10lb, but assumed that when the eight arrived it was just some sort of miscommunication. As it turns out there is indeed a 10lb which has now launched, it is however an exclusive to a store not stocking the 8lb. In total the 25% extra bag packs a whopping 48 weight gaining servings, 10 more than the 8lb and 24 more than the five. The place to go to get the third Iron Mass volume is none other than GNC, where you will unfortunately have to sacrifice choice of flavor for value. As at the moment they only have it in the one option, chocolate malt.

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