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Formula for next new Freak released, upcoming Greens Freak gets it’s own product page

Pharmafreak upload their Greens Freak product page

Last month it was revealed that PharmaFreak’s next new supplement would be their health and performance categorized product, the hybrid superfood formula Greens Freak. At the time we had only a couple of highlights and a small description to go off. Now however the brand have uploaded the supplement’s own page, posting everything there is to know about the product. The first thing worth mentioning is that Greens Freak’s official facts panel has been released, which for a bit of convenience we have posted below. As for the other details we didn’t have for our original highlight, PharmaFreak’s latest innovation is due to arrive in a 30 serving tub, each serving weighing in at 8.9g, with just the one flavor listed in sweet apple. For more information and thorough description, the brand’s website is the place to go. Although you may need to wait a bit to actually purchase Greens Freak, as retailers don’t appear to be stocking it yet.

Pharmafreak Greens Freak facts panel
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