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One of five new products teased, Quest Nutrition finally building up to something new

Quest Nutrition start teasing their next release

Quest Nutrition have finally started teasing the coming of something, following their last release, cookies & cream protein bars. The reason we say finally, as it was a few months ago in March when the brand said they were working on five new product ranges. Back when they talked about what they had coming, a lot of information was left out, really only confirming that they had five innovations on the way. We of course threw out a our guesses in Quest cookies, gummies or chips, which at the time were about as good as anyones. It seems the brand are now gearing up to reveal one of the five items they have coming, teasing the arrival of ‘something new’. The promotional image released doesn’t say too much, although you can see the top of what looks to be a packet. Which if we were to speculate any further, could send us off on the path of a number of snacks, on-the-go food, and so on. Whatever it may be, we are likely to find out very soon as in the past Quest tend to tease and unveil things quite quickly.

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