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Thunderless Raging Bull Series Carnivor, MuscleMeds 1lber just a caffeinated spin off

MuscleMeds Raging Bull Carnivor chocolate thunder taste tested

Carnivor protein is easily one of the most well known products in MuscleMed’s range of supplements, arguably the most popular beef formula on the market. Earlier in the year the brand introduced a number of new products, along with a series of new Carnivor variants. We saw four more flavors introduced with chocolate mint, strawberry, peanut butter and chocolate pretzel. We were also given Carnivor Bars, which in our opinion rank up there with the best tasting protein snacks on the market. The last spin off to be released and have little noise made about it was the supplement we have up for review today, Raging Bull Series Carnivor.

The alternative MuscleMeds product is essentially a 1lb variant of the brand’s iconic Carnivor protein, with an additional 125mg of caffeine per serving. On top of the smaller solution’s total of 12 servings, it also comes in two flavors the regular Carnivor does not, chocolate thunder and iced coffee. Originally we were under the impression those two tastes were gourmet or of higher quality, as in most places MuscleMeds ask for about 30% more per serving compared to the 2lb Carnivor. While you do need to factor in the added caffeine and size, after throwing back the chocolate thunder Raging Bull two or three times it turns out the caffeine is all you appear to be paying for.

Bare in mind we have only tried chocolate thunder, not Raging Bull’s other exclusive flavor iced coffee. But when it comes to the chocolate option, from our experience it tastes surprisingly identical to that of chocolate Carnivor. The name may suggest a bit more of a punch in terms of flavor, however as soon as we mixed up two of the 1lber’s 12 servings and took a sip. The memories came rushing back. It didn’t take anymore than the one shake to pick up on the taste, as those who have had Carnivor before will know that it’s chocolate is very unique and difficult to forget.

Usually our reviews go over effects, and for protein powders we highlight flavoring. This time around though we feel it’s more of a discovery for Raging Bull Carnivor. Like most people we know that 125mg of caffeine provides a bit of a kick, so we had no expectations there. What we were looking for was a bit of a gourmet experience, going beyond MuscleMed’s regular chocolate Carnivor. Unfortunately for us what we were hoping for just wasn’t there. The good thing is at least now we know (chocolate) Raging Bull is essentially a caffeinated Carnivor, and we can spread the word. In hindsight if we had known the taste was going to be thunderless, we probably would have gone with iced coffee, as it is an option exclusive to Raging Bull.

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