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Basic Beta Nitro formula revealed with release, latest from SNI making it’s way out to stores

SNI release and detail their two piece product Beta Nitro

Before SNI introduced their more recent reveal Neuro 8. The brand unveiled another supplement that looked to be some sort of a pre-workout with Beta Nitro. Initially we had no idea what would be in the product, aside from possibly beta-alanine or betaine based on it’s name. However now that SNI have released the supplement we can confirm Beta Nitro’s surprisingly simple formula. Basically all that’s actually in the product is 3.8g of beet root extract for it’s betaine, and glycerol monostearate dosed at 1g. While the supplement’s contents reveal does tell all about the latest from SNI. It also shows that Beta Nitro isn’t exactly a pre-workout, with it’s two ingredients making it more of an additive than a competitive or complete pre-workout. For those interested the product is currently making it’s way out to stockists in two flavors citrus burst and fruit punch. Leaving SNI’s other teased formula and more serious pre-workout Neuro 8, as next in line for launch.

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