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Latest from USP Labs lands at Supp Central, EpiBURN available just 1 week after IC launch

USP Lab's new EpiBURN Pro now available at Supplement Central

While it may have only been just last week that USP Labs released their Inner Circle deal for the OxyElite replacement, EpiBURN Pro. The new supplement has already started showing up in stores. Quite a few are still listing it as coming soon, Supplement Central however as per usual, is the first retailer with it actually in stock. Based on what everyone else is teasing EpiBURN for, Supp Central also don’t have it at that bad of a price with a full size bottle of the fat burner valued at $38.95. No doubt there are plenty of other stockists due to get the latest from USP this week or maybe even next. Regardless, Supplement Central are the first ones, further establishing them as the quickest store to stock.

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