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Hydrobeef resurfaces as Beef+, 4+ Nutrition set to reveal beef protein in September

4+ Nutrition confirm beta test Beef+ for September

Back in June 4+ Nutrition previewed a beta test bottle of a supplement carrying the title Hydrobeef. While we figured the name may not be one to stick based on the brand’s consistency with the + symbol, it definitely confirmed the possibility of a beef protein. Two months later 4+ are now promoting the coming of a very real beef protein powder more suitably titled Beef+. The news has come in a teaser image from the Italian based brand, featuring a lightly shaded bottle of the product that also leaks some important highlights. Unfortunately we haven’t been given the exact protein count per serving of Beef+, however we can confirm a tub weight of 2kg along with zero sugar, fat, lactose and less than a gram for carbohydrates per serving. To top off today’s news, seeing as the brand did go from testing to teasing in about two months, it should come as no surprise that in another month’s time 4+ are going to be unveiling eveyrthing. Whether that means a launch or not we don’t know, but if things go the way they usually do availability should quickly follow Beef+’s September reveal.

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