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Highly anticipated Premium Whey released, American Muscle’s spike free protein powder available direct

American Muscle officially launched their new Premium Whey direct

When brand’s promise delivery for a specific date, it is very rare that you see them come through. When they aim for a week, it’s usually somewhere on the Friday or weekend that anything happens. The launch time frame of a month is what we usually see, with company’s promising August, September, or whatever, and generally coming through in the last week or so. On the odd occasion brand’s do tend to surprise us, just as American Muscle have releasing their new Premium Whey in the first weekend of the month. The brand did originally confirm August, which had us expecting somewhere near the end bordering on September. The supplement has in fact now officially been launched going on sale at American Muscle’s website in chocolate and vanilla, with currently no sign of cinnabomb. While the direct availability is a lot more expensive than what Premium Whey is likely to cost in stockists. At $92.99 it’s a small price to pay to be one of the first to purchase American Muscle’s highly anticipated spike free protein powder.

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