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New ANS formula officially unveiled next week, beta-test confirmed as pump pre-workout

ANS beta-test formula a pump pre-workout and being unveiled next week

At first we ruled out ANS Performance’s beta-test formula being a stimulant powered supplement of some sort, thinking it might have been a muscle builder. We then played around with the idea of it being a pump product, resulting in a number of workouts proving that it was a big possibility. After even more sessions trying to draw out the pump seeing positives performances, then a confirmation from ANS themselves, we can tell you we are indeed looking at a pump pre-workout. The supplement is of course stimulant free, and according to the brand actually enhances the stimulant sensation of pre-workouts, with ANS of course encouraging it’s use with their #1 Ritual. While we are going to run the beta test product a few more times before we put out a final review. Fans may not need to wait too long to get a hold of the supplement as we are expecting a reveal next Monday. Despite us having the product in our hands, the reveal is going to tell everyone a lot more than we can with name, contents, price, variants and look, all things we don’t know, and possible features for ANS’s Monday unveiling.

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