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Reformulated Dilate set to feature seven, ANS going 100% transparent for pump pre-workout

ANS confirm a seven feature formula for Dilate

Yesterday ANS Performance revealed their beta-test supplement to be a flavored reformulation of their original pump product Dilate. The brand confirmed most of the stimulant free pre-workout’s details listing four highlights presumably per serving, with 2g of HydraMax, 1.5g of l-citrulline, 500mg of Agmapure agmatine sulfate, and 50mg of another trademarked ingredient AmentoPump. While four features isn’t a small amount, and enough to probably please some pump seekers, ANS did say there are a few more ingredients in the supplement. The brand unfortunately haven’t released any of them just yet, but have told us that in total Dilate features seven ingredients. The four confirmed are of course the main ones, with the other three thrown in to complete the experience. When all is revealed fans will also be happy to know they will be looking at a fully transparent ANS formula, which will see Dilate’s other three features listed with exact doses.

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