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Beta-Test a flavored Dilate reformulation, ANS confirm entry in the pump pre-workout market

ANS Performance confirm their beta-test product as a reformulated and flavored Dilate

As mentioned last week after a number of runs and confirmation from ANS Performance, we found out that the brand’s beta-test supplement is in fact a pump pre-workout. Today as you can see in our new theme that we were also right in suspecting the disappearance of ANS’s originally pill product from their website. It turns out that the beta-test pump supplement the brand have been building up to is in fact a flavored reformulation of Dilate. Almost everything has been revealed today by ANS confirming presumably per serving 2g of HydraMax, 1.5g of l-citrulline, 500mg of Agmapure agmatine sulfate, 50mg of another trademarked ingredient AmentoPump, and a few other unlisted ingredients. From what we can see on it’s bottle, Dilate is due in at least one flavor grape blast, with each tub packing a total of 30 servings. From here we’d expect ANS to release Dilate’s full list of contents, then a launch that we can only hope comes with a nice introductory deal.

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