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Be in to win the remaining 2014 Guerrillas, big prize for best Black Market fireball reaction

Win one of each Black Market guerrilla edition for the rest of the year

Yesterday Black Market Labs revealed and released their one of a kind special edition AdreNOlyns, introducing the fiery pre-workout recipe fireball. From what the brand are saying it’s the flavor’s spiciness that makes it a unique, being the first product to go in a spicy direction. While it’s not likely to be for everyone, especially those who aren’t fans of spicy foods or even supplements for that matter. Black Market are encouraging AdreNOlyn users and pre-workout enthusiasts to pick up a bottle of fireball, and show them how well you handle the heat. At the time it was definitely one of the more entertaining promotions we had heard of, however it has now become one of the most worthwhile. Black Market have today confirmed that whoever shares the best reaction video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will win one bottle of each Guerrilla edition as they release, for the rest of the year. That is a total of four bottles of the underground pre-workout in flavors yet to be revealed, possibly thought of, or even put together. If it sounds like a prize you’re interested in make sure you grab a bottle direct from Black Market or your local stockist, and follow the instructions from yesterday’s post.

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