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Third flavor for BPI’s Brazilian exclusive, Prime Beef protein isolate gets banana

BPI put together a third flavor for their Brazil exclusive Prime Beef

Following yesterday’s news of BPI’s industry first protein candy chew FunnBar, comes information of something else new from the brand. While US fans may not recognize the supplement being added to, those down in Brazil will. The product we’re talking about is Prime Beef, an exclusive to the area, which originally launched in two flavors quite some time ago. The something new BPI have introduced for the protein isolate is a third taste, adding to it’s relatively lonely two piece menu. Joining Prime Beef’s straightforward flavors strawberry and chocolate, is another rather common option in banana. At the moment it seems the brand’s distributor is only promoting the variant, with none of the Brazilian BPI stockists we know of listing the new Prime Beef. Fortunately for those in the area, the flavor isn’t being teased as coming soon, so there is the chance it’s actually right around the corner.

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