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Chaos & Pain confirm launch for next release, dangerously updated Ferox due August 22nd

Chaos and Pain confirm August 22nd as new Cannibal Ferox launch

Chaos and Pain have released an official date for when we will be seeing their next generation pre-workout. The brand who continue to improve their range with more than just new formulas, frequent updates to their products as well, recently revealed the contents behind an improved Cannibal Ferox. As we mentioned in our post on the upgraded supplement, aside from BioPerine, yohimbine HCl and P5P. Everything else has been increased in the product with creatine mono doubled to 2g, citrulline malate at 4g, n-acetyl l-tyrosine bumped up 100. More than double the synephrine HCl with 75mg, and 50% more caffeine, higenamine and hordenine. In the area of new features, Chaos and Pain introduced two ingredients, 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate dosed at 300mg, and 200mg of picamilon. If you are one of the many people interested in the latest from the original hardcore brand, the date to mark on your calendar is August 22nd. To be more specific Chaos and Pain have given 9AM Eastern as the exact time in which their new Ferox will go on sale. At the moment we don’t know if the brand will be taking pre-orders for the pre-workout, like in the past. Although to encourage interest, we do know Chaos and Pain are putting warning stickers on the supplement suggesting people start with half a scoop, as the new formula is dangerously powerful.

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