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Cobra Lab’s latest release exclusive to, watermelon deluxe makes it five for the Curse

Cobra Lab's fifth Curse watermelon deluxe exclusive to

Cobra Lab’s the Curse, currently the brand’s only supplement available with the Ripper still listed as coming soon. In most places can be found in four flavors, blue raspberry ice, lemon rush, green apple envy, and the color reversed tropical storm. Cobra have recently added to their pre-workout menu, bringing on board a fifth taste with yet another fruity variant in watermelon deluxe. The brand’s latest addition to the Curse sees the blue, yellow, green and white/pink tubs joined by a red accented bottle, which can only be found in one location. For those interested in getting a hold of it, the place to go is as you might have guessed, Who have watermelon deluxe Curse listed in just the one size of 50 serving size, no 10 serving, with the usual price tag of $29.77.

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