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Trial size 6 serving Ripper spotted overseas, second Cobra supplement gets a second volume

Cobra Labs the Ripper spotted in a 6 serving trial size

On Friday Cobra Labs officially took their line from one supplement to two, finally releasing their flavored fat burner the Ripper. The product hit the brand’s most popular stockist, bringing a competitive value of a dollar a scoop or the slightly better sounding, a dollar a day. Unlike the Curse, Cobra’s only other supplement, the Ripper was a little short on variety arriving in just the one flavor razor lime, and a single 30 serving tub size. Two days later another volume of the CarnoSyn beta-alanine infused weight loss solution has actually surfaced. Seeing Cobra match the Curse’s trial size option with it’s own 80% smaller offering, packing a total of six Ripper serving. Unfortunately those after the sample packet won’t be able to head to, as at the moment the six days supply product has only been seen outside the US.

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