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EVL going to be tested with capsule fat burner, stimulant free Lean Mode partner on it’s way

EVL start teasing their February mentioned fat burner

From the fifth flavor of ENGN to BCAA energy, then more recently the brand’s first fat burner Lean Mode. EVLution Nutrition are now beginning to tease the supplement they confirmed before any thing else, their stimulant powered capsule weight loss formula. News of this dates back as far as February, where the brand confirmed the pill product as their first non-powder supplement, which was of course beaten to the punch yesterday by the stimulant free Lean Mode. Very little is known about EVL’s next release outside of it’s category and stimulant fueled formula, leaving a lot to the imagination. The name is likely to be one of the many things the brand reveal as they build into the launch of the product, expected sometime next month. Although it is the contents we will be more interested in, as the fat burner is not only going to make it a total of seven supplements for EVL. But also put the brand to the test, as the weight loss category will be the most competitive arena EVL have entered, since ENGN hit the pre-workout market late last year.

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