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EVL getting good at launches, Lean Mode on sale 2 weeks after BCAA Energy as promised

EVLution launch Lean Mode two weeks after BCAA Energy as promised

While exact launch dates aren’t for everyone, EVLution Nutrition seem to be pretty on point when it comes to theirs. They said they would have their sixth supplement BCAA Energy on sale August 1st, which they did indeed have. The brand also said that exactly two weeks later they would their seventh product, and first fat burning effort Lean Mode available. It turns out they’ve come through on that too, releasing their stimulant free weight loss formula on The latest from EVL has officially gone on sale, seeing the brand get relatively competitive in it’s unique area of fat burning with a price of $26.99. Supplements like Lean Mode obviously don’t pack as much of a punch in terms of stimulation compared to others, but they do always seem to get valued quite similar. In the case of EVL’s stimulantless concoction, while we don’t have an in house weight loss formula from the brand to price it against. At $26.99 for a minimum supply of 50 days or maximum of 25, it is one of the more cost effective solutions out there.

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