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Evogen confirm prematurely revealed flavor, wild berry officially named GlycoJect’s fourth

Evogen confirm wild berry as new GlycoJect flavor

It was late last week that Evogen started teasing the coming of a new flavor for their post-workout powerhouse, GlycoJect. Very few hints were given, however it was very early on that we were wondering if the game was over before it had even begun. Following the announcement of another taste for GlycoJect, we spotted the supplement in wild berry, both on Evogen’s store and in a promotional image. Without confirmation from the brand’s themselves and based on the fact that we hadn’t been following Evogen to closely. We weren’t 100% on whether or not it was the new GlycoJect flavor previewed and released a little early. Less than one week later the brand have unveiled their fourth for the product, confirming that wild berry is indeed the one going to Evogen’s post-workout. While the latest from the brand has yet to hit retailers, as mentioned last week and today. Eager Evogen fans can already purchase wild berry GlycoJect direct, for the relatively good price of $44.95.

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