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Rich Gaspari talks about amino spiking, Myofusion Advanced confirmed as clean

Rich Gaspari talks about his brand and amino spiking

Following on from a week of big names speaking out about their protein powders. Rich Gaspari is the latest to talk up, and express his feelings on the issue of amino spiking. Just as Optimum Nutrition did yesterday, the president and founder of Gaspari Nutrition has put together a video on the topic. While the clip seems to have the intention to confirm that the protein powder Myofusion Advanced can be trusted. You only really gather that from the background product drops, and brief touching of topics. Rich never actually right out says in the video that his latest protein powder isn’t spiked. But definitely alludes to it highlighting his brand’s ongoing compliance with FDA regulations, honesty in putting what’s on the label in the supplement, and quote ‘no hidden agenda to hide the facts’. The video from Gaspari makes it four major moves from big brands this week in the ongoing fight against amino spiking. Feel free to check out the entire video from Rich for yourself on YouTube, as well as Marc Lobliner’s from earlier in the week. Where the amino spiking leader confirms a little better that Gaspari’s new Myofusion Advanced is good to go.

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