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Sixth Hybrid supplement revealed and detailed, Aminoade title effects backed up by formula

Hybrid Nutrition's new Aminoade revealed and detailed

Hybrid Nutrition, the brand regular readers will know mostly for their weekly Wednesday giveaways, have introduced their sixth supplement. Confirmed to join Hybrid’s well ranged line, that already hits most of the categories fans need to complete a stack, is another essential formula that fits right in. The name of the product is Aminoade, a title that actually gives away both of the supplement’s intended effects. The first half of the name obviously relates to Hybrid’s latest being an amino, with the second half relating to it being an endurance formula as well. In terms of ingredients the brand have put together a rather packed product seeing each of it’s 30 servings deliver 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 3g glutamine, 2g taurine, 1.5g alanine, and potassium and sodium glycerophosphate. At the moment we do only know of the one flavor for Aminoade in sour apple watermelon, which Hybrid are promoting for release just before the Olympia, in about three or four weeks time.

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