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BCAAs 1st in ranged 2.7g Inner Armour blend, upcoming Amino Volt confirmed as caffeinated

Inner Armour reveal their upcoming amino supplement Amino Volt

While a lot of brands appear to be almost scrambling to get in the pump pre-workout market, with more than enough big names having a go these past few months. Inner Armour have joined the likes of ErgoGenix and their upcoming ErgoChain, with their eyes set on another big category for 2014, the amino cocktail market. The brand are now beginning to tease their new supplement titled Amino Volt, a formula confirmed to have more of a range than your average amino product. Starting from the top the latest from Inner Armour features a rather small 2.7g blend led by 4:1:1 BCAAs and followed by glutamine, glycine and citrulline malate. Second is yet another complex weighing in at 1.6g, with two ingredients taurine and coconut water. Lastly we have the brand’s 265mg high voltage blend, the real difference in Amino Volt, listing a combination of caffeine anhydrous, green tea and nelumbo nucifera. Thanks to the energy matrix, the Inner Armour concoction should stand out a bit against it’s competitors. Although we are somewhat concerned with the small amount of BCAAs, unless of course they make up the majority of Amino Volt’s amino blend.

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