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Magnum preview hints with the word ’tissue’, more Mimic details not due until September

Magnum preview their next new supplement the presumed fat burner Mimic

Magnum Nutraceuticals have passed of an image of new supplement on the way, leaving us with yet another mystery product. As you can see above, the picture does give us the name Mimic, printed in shades of green on a bright white bottle. At first glance it does seem that the title is all we have, with the question marked post-it covering the rest. On closer inspection however we do get another word, ’tissue’. Based on all the supplements we’ve seen, tissue generally only enters the discussion when we’re talking about weight loss, for example ‘get rid of adipose tissue’. Without the rest of the line on Magnum’s new Mimic, we can’t of course confirm that we are looking at a fat burner, although to us it definitely fits the bill. The second detail we have is a bottle count that appears to read 60 capsules, which if true works out to be a two capsule serving going off a full months supply. Again based on all the products we’ve seen, a capsule formula, two pill serving, and the use of the word tissue, almost has us 100% certain on Mimic being a weight loss supplement. To make the Magnum mystery slightly more interesting, we are all going to have to hold on to today’s partial preview image, as it looks like we won’t be seeing anything else on Mimic until next month.

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