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Muscle Pharm clear Arnold series protein, Iron Whey amino spiking test results released

Muscle Pharm clear Iron Whey of amino spiking suspicion

Yesterday we posted about Top Secret Nutrition coming out and clearing their flagship protein formula of all amino spiking suspicion. The brand went a head and got their supplement Whey Protein tested themselves. Proving that while they do add aminos to the product, they are not factored into the total amount of protein in the supplement. Muscle Pharm have also now come out, sharing their lab results for their suspected amino spiked protein powder, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Iron Whey. The athlete’s company went the whole nine yards getting three different protein counts run as well as both free form and bound amino acid profiles. The results show that Iron Whey does indeed deliver on it’s listed 22g of protein per serving, and that an additional 391mg of glycine was added. But only for flavoring, and is said to not have a ‘large influence on the overall nitrogen/protein content’. To check out the complete report, you can download the full sub megabyte 14 page PDF here.

Update: Due to questions and confusion we have released a post to clear things up as some thought we were certifying the protein powder in some way.

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