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Top Secret Nutrition protein lab results, Whey Protein confirmed amino spike free

Top Secret test their Whey Protein for true protein content

With a lot of drama going around right now about supplement companies amino spiking, a lot of fans are concerned about the legitimacy of their protein powders. Select brands are also looking to prove themselves, reassuring their loyal followers that the protein they are using is not anything like their spiking competitors. One of those companies is none other than Top Secret Nutrition who decided to go out and get their recently released and straightforwardly titled Whey Protein tested. The brand have come back with some positive results from Eurofins, proving that Top Secret’s Whey does deliver it’s label listed amount of protein. You can see the lab test for yourself below outlining a Kjeldahl result of 72.28%, a non-protein nitrogen result of 18.17%. Working out to be a true protein calculation of 54.12%, or 25.5g of protein per 47g serving based on the sample Top Secret supplied Eurofins.

Top Secret Nutrition Whey Protein not amino spiked
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