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Latest clue in mystery Truth build up, could Muscle Elements be going open label?

Muscle Elements release another clue for their mystery September 1st announcement

Muscle Elements have today passed on the latest clue in the mystery build up to their big September 1st announcement. We’ve previously seen clues, hints and images suggest that whatever is coming, basically has to do with staying true to the consumer and telling the truth. The new image from the brand furthers that idea, spelling out the word Truth and linking each letter to a related word. According to Muscle Elements Truth stands for ‘Taking Responsibility to Utilize Transparency & Honesty’. For us the key word in there is transparency, which leads us once again back to believing we’re looking at something product related. As per usual, we really have no idea what’s coming outside of it being seemingly noble. But seeing as we’ve taken a stab with every other clue, we’re going to say maybe Muscle Elements are going from blend to open label. At the moment all four of their supplements feature proprietaries, so full transparency is definitely a possibility. You can of course take what you want from the brand’s latest clue, although we will soon find out who is right or wrong as Muscle Element’s September 1st deadline is exactly 12 days away.

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