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Isolate Zero officially 100% Isolate, new Muscle Pharm Combat powder due after Crunch

Highlights of Muscle Pharm's third Combat powder confirmed with official title

We were recently passed on the list of options for Muscle Pharm’s third Combat family member, previously previewed to be titled Combat Isolate Zero. As it turns out the supplement is indeed right around the corner, but officially named something slightly different and more consistent with Combat product number two, 100% Isolate. To add to the title update, we have also been given a list of highlights for the supplement confirming a gluten free formula with 24g of protein per serve, as well as zero carbohydrates, sugar and fat. While last time we didn’t have much of an idea on arrival for Isolate Combat, and to some extent we still don’t. We do know the next Combat family member is due to arrive after Muscle Pharm’s first edible product Combat Crunch, technically making 100% Isolate Combat number four. For those that weren’t aware, the brand’s protein bar has been promised to launch bang on Monday September 1st, possibly making it two for the MP nation in the one month.

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