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6th generation Gakic shows up in SX-7 Series, Muscletech confirm 2 more for exclusive line

Muscletech reveal more SX-7s, Gakic VO2 Max, Garcinia 4X and a separately sold Peak

It turns out Muscletech’s Essential Series is not the only line the brand are focusing on growing this year, with the only just recently established SX-7 range also getting some attention. Originally Muscletech launched the alternatively branded SX-7 series with Hydroxycut SX-7, followed it up with a stimulant free version, then went all out introducing #Shatter, Isolate Protein Plus, Hydroxycut powder and the Pro Clinical Stack. Muscletech have now revealed once again, another bunch of SX-7 supplements with Garcinia 4X, a separately sold bottle of Pro Clinical’s Peak, and the big surprise Gakic VO2 Max. Starting with Garcinia, the product isn’t as simple as it sounds with an garcinia blend featuring as per it’s title, four different types of the ingredient, garcinia cambogia (60% hydroxycitric acid), indica (50%), atroviridis (60%) and garcinia cambogia (70%). We next move on to Peak, one of the two supplements in Muscletech’s Pro Clinical stack, which is basically just Peak sold separately from SX-7 Clear Muscle. Lastly we have the most interesting one Gakic VO2 Max, the brand’s sixth generation Gakic formula, if you count the unreleased Essential Gakic 22.5. In terms of contents, the product has it’s title ingredient dosed at 10,202mg per serving alongside 500mg of terminalia bark extract, with Gakic’s common 16 servings a bottle. The three Muscletech SX-7s are expected to go on sale at the line’s exclusive locations sometime soon, likely seeing GNC as the first one with them all.

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