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Healthy Her due to be followed by Her CLA, NLA For Her set to get another individual

NLA For Her getting their second individual with Her CLA

Last we saw of NLA and their female based series NLA For Her, the brand were introducing their sixth supplement, the multi-vitamin formula Healthy Her. Now more than four months later, NLA are looking at taking their black and pink collection to a total of seven with their second basic product. The upcoming item is titled Her CLA, arguably one of their most straightforwardly titled supplements to date. As per it’s name the formula features just the one ingredient, conjugated linoleic acid (80%) dosed at 1.2g per softgel. Squeezed into each bottle of that latest from NLA is 60 softgels, seeing you through for about 20 days if you follow the brand’s one gel, three times a day directions. We are without a date or rough idea for when the For Her individual will arrive, although based on NLA’s past releases, once they start teasing it shouldn’t be too far away from shelves.

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