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Nutrex detail direction for upcoming supplement, Adipodex nicknamed the Super Thermogenic

Nutrex upcoming Adipodex confirm as a super thermogenic

While yesterday saw Nutrex hint at the categories in which their two upcoming supplements would be entering, with Adipodex looking like a daytime formula and Hibern8 some kind of sleep aid. Today an image has surfaced confirming

just exactly what Adiopodex is going to do for you in the daytime. Despite Hibern8 not getting a spot in the picture, the Nutrex image shows off Adipodex as a single capsule fat burner nicknamed the ‘super thermogenic’. The product also gets the description ‘stimulant weight loss sensation’ followed by a bottle count of 45 capsules, apparently working out to be 45 days supply. The preview doesn’t give us a look at the latest from Nutrex’s facts panel, it does however confirm the brand’s official direction for Adipodex, which is still due to be unveiled and detailed August 19th.

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