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Adipodex for day and Hibern8 for night, Nutrex give a little more for their upcoming duo

Nutrex give a little more information about Adipodex and Hibern8

A little while back Nutrex teased the coming of two new supplements in an image that was a little more revealing than the brand may have wanted. At first glance the teaser didn’t show off too much, however after closer inspection we matched the top half of the letters we could see to the titles Adipodex and Hibern8. While there is still no solid information about what the two products will be, in the latest update from Nutrex we do get clues on the two formulas with the nicknames ‘Project Kinesis’ and ‘Project Hypnos’. The teasers are backed by images of a sun and a moon, suggesting that we are looking at Adipodex the single dose daytime energizer and Hibern8 the clinically dosed sleep aid. The other detail that we skipped over last time is that the two upcoming supplements do clearly feature a branding different to any of Nutrex’s other products. Whether that means the new items are going to bring about a fourth series for the brand’s, we aren’t too sure. But we do know all will be revealed on Tuesday August 19th, Nutrex’s promoted deadline.

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