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Upcoming Nutrex supplement detailed, Hibern8 confirmed as a straightforward sleep aid

Nutrex confirm formula behind their upcoming sleep aid Hibern8

Today we have the official formula behind one Nutrex’s three upcoming supplements, all of which are branded and looking likely to be the start of a new series. Alternative imagery aside, as mentioned the brand have revealed the formula behind one of their three products, the sleep aid Hibern8. While we were a little more interested in the other two, the pre-workout Outlift and energizing thermogenic Adipodex, Hibern8 had the opportunity to be rather impressive. Unfortunately it turns we were somewhat correct in suspecting the sleep aid was the plainer one of the three. The confirmation of Hibern8’s contents sees Nutrex with just a five feature facts panel, two of those ingredients in the vitamins and minerals section. Starting from the top we have magnesium at 195mg, zinc 10mg, GABA 1g, tryptophan 500mg and melatonin at 5mg. Unlike other occasions we don’t have a date or rough idea of when Nutrex’s Hibern8 will arrive, to go with it’s formula unveiling. But with the brand’s August 19th deadline fast approaching, we could definitely be in for some action next Tuesday.

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