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Nutrex reveal upcoming titles with another, Adipodex and Hibern8 joined by the clinically dosed pre-workout Outlift

Nutrex confirm Adipodex and Hibern8 as well as the pre-workout Outlift

Nutrex have just confirmed a little more than the previously figured out supplements Adipodex and Hibern8. Today the brand have officially revealed the super thermogenic and sleep aid titles alongside a pre-workout product titled Outlift. While we already knew Adipodex was going to be a weight loss specific daytime formula, after Tuesday’s small but detailed preview. And that Hibern8 was some sort of nighttime supplement based on it’s name and suggested window. Outlift has really come out of left field, seeing the DMAA popular Nutrex looking ready to take on the competitive pre-workout market with a product featuring 10 fully dosed ingredients, packed in to what looks like to be a tub weighing in around 451 or 461g. If the brand are going with the usual 30 servings per tub, based on those numbers, Nutrex are going to be powering fans with a 15g or thereabouts scoop. The latest update from the brand not only makes that August 19th deadline look a lot more exciting, but also further confirms our suspicions of a fourth Nutrex line. Seeing as we now have three non Underground, Basyx or Unlimited branded supplements, two of them not from any categories Nutrex are currently in.

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