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Upcoming Nutrex pre-workout detailed, 10 clinically doesd Outlift ingredients confirmed

Contents of Nutrex's pre-workout Outlift confirmed

Yesterday we were able to confirm the contents of one of Nutrex’s three upcoming supplements, the sleep aid Hibern8. Despite yesterday being Friday the 15th and not the big day the brand have been promoting, the detailing of the nighttime formula proved to be less exciting than we expected. With that said, we figured of the three Nutrex have coming, Outlift and Adipodex would be the more interesting products anyway. With Hibern8 even without seeing it’s facts panel, presumed to be the more boring one of the bunch. Surprisingly a day later our wish has sort of come true with the reveal of the pre-workout Outlift’s contents. Officially we do not know if the following ten features are going to be all that is in the supplement, although they are 10 clinically dosed ingredients matching the product’s label highlight. Starting from the top we have citrulline malate at what looks like 3g, beta-alanine at 3.2g, 3g creatine HCl, 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 2g taurine, 350mg caffeine, 150mg n-acetyl l-tyrosine and 5mg of BioPerine. Looking at the doses we are going to assume all of them are based on the maximum serving of Outlift, which is likely to be made up of the usual one or two scoops. Now that we know what could be all the features in Nutrex’s pre-workout, we do have just Adipodex’s facts panel to come. Something that could very well be in store for us and possibly even availability, on the brand’s built up date of August 19th.

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