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Nutrex come through on August 19th promise, Adipodex and Hibern8 launched right on time

Nutrex launch Adipodex and Hibern8 right on time as promised

As promised Nutrex have launched their two new supplements right on time, August 19th. Both the fat burner Adipodex and the sleep aid Hibern8 have gone on sale direct from the brand, both with as you would expect relatively high prices. Fortunately if you do want to get in early before the items hit retailers, there is a way you can save money. While Nutrex have uploaded Adipodex for $49.95 and Hibern8 for $44.95, both can be purchased with a buy two get one free offer. The promotion drops the super thermogenic down to $33.30 a bottle and the sleep formula to $29.97. It may not come as much of a surprise but those are also the prices expected to be put on the products in stores, or thereabouts. They are similar to what can be seen at Supplement Central, who are listing all three of the new Nutrex supplements as coming soon. To add to today’s release the brand have also cleared something up, and that is the line in which Adipodex, Hibern8 and Outlift are a part of. Despite their different imagery, Nutrex have put the three in their Black Series along side Hemo Rage, T-Up and the like. With Adipodex and Hibern8 now launched, as the brand promised almost one month ago. We move our attention to Outlift, the pre-workout of the three due to arrive next month.

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