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Exclusive Pharmafreak sizes hit, trial Anabolic Freak & 50% more Ripped Freak

Sample Anabolic Freak and larger Ripped Freak exclusive to

On most occasions exclusive supplements are generally unique special edition flavors that brands only sell to one location. Sometimes however exclusive supplements can be different sizes, most notably at GNC with their numerous extra percentage tubs.

This week it is Pharmafreak who have shown up with two single store products, seeing with alternate sizes for Ripped and Anabolic Freak. At most stockists Freak fans can purchase Ripped in a 60 capsule bottle and Anabolic in a 96. While those two sizes are still available at, a 50% more 90 count Ripped Freak is also now on sale as well as a two week trial size Anabolic Freak. If you’re a fan of either supplement both do have their own purposes, with the larger Ripped saving you about 7% compared to the regular bottle, and Anabolic going the other as more of a sampling solution costing you about 25% more.