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Find the protein powder perfect for you, new PricePlow engine well worth a run through

Let PricePlow help find the protein powder fit for you

The classic ‘protein is protein’ saying is one that is no longer relevant since the numbers in the category have increased, and specialty protein powders are a thing. Fortunately for beginners or at least those who have yet to find the protein powder perfect for them. The team over at the price comparison engine PricePlow have put together one hell of a post, designed to help you get what you’re looking for. Basically it is page that takes you through a couple of questions, which you click on one of the answers to, and you’ll wind up with a product PricePlow feel fits your needs. The questions range from things like do you have a strict diet regimen, are you lactose intolerant, and what is it that you look for in a protein powder, taste, nutrient numbers or even price. We’ve already run through the questionnaire a few times ourselves, and have to say it is spot on. Even if you are a veteran, the PricePlow protein engine is well worth running through whether it be for answers, discovery or just reassurance.

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