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Animal free and vegan approved SAN snack, Raw Fusion now a range with Raw Fusion Bar

SAN detail their upcoming animal free and vegan approved Raw Fusion Bar

Following on from their 100% Natural Whey Supreme protein powder, SAN Nutrition have reveal another item for their all natural collection. The latest product from the brand comes under the Raw Fusion banner, the title of SAN’s three size plant based protein, turning Raw Fusion into a range. Unlike the current supplement making use of the name, the new Raw Fusion formula isn’t a powder, but an animal free vegan approved protein bar. The item’s official title is simply Raw Fusion Bar, a whole foods high protein snack fueled with superfoods. In total the product lists a total of over 20 different ingredients with the likes of pea protein, dried cranberries, chia seeds, acai berry and spinach leaf. As for the bar’s finer details SAN’s facts panel confirms per 70g bar 15g of protein, 32g of carbohydrates (18g sugar, 8g fiber), 13g of fat (1g saturated) and 290 calories. On the menu for now all we can see is almond berry, a big different compared to Raw Fusion powder. However seeing as SAN are only teasing this one as coming soon, it’s official menu total is not yet known.

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