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USP Lab’s sequel valued at just under $100, Pink Magic Platinum on backorder at GNC

USP Labs Pink Magic Platinum price confirmed with GNC pre-order page

News of USP Labs upcoming muscle building sequel Pink Magic Platinum, first surfaced thanks to the guys over at the price comparison engine PricePlow. More details were released a few days later, with both developments dating back to late July, more than two months ago. Even after eight weeks the status of the returning USP supplement hasn’t changed with it still listed as coming soon. Fortunately we do have a couple more details for the presumed GNC exclusive, confirming Pink Magic Platinum’s price and availability. The product itself has been valued relatively high as you would expect from it’s retailer, at $99.99 for a full months supply, or $84.99 with a Gold Card. The second piece of information we have is availability of the supplement, which you can thank GNC and their Pink Magic Platinum page for. Online the product is now listed with it’s almost $100 price tag alongside a backorder wait of one to two weeks. Although you can actually order it today and take advantage of the store’s buy one get one half off promotion.

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