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Pistachio confirmed as one of two mysteries, 4+ Nutrition expected to launch not unveil

4+ Nutrition reveal one of their two upcoming Whey+ flavors as pistachio

4+ Nutrition have confirmed one of their two new flavors they teased as on the way for Whey+, late last week. The Italian based brand originally shaded out the two names in their preview, although have now confirmed that one of them is indeed as unique as expected with pistachio. The unique recipe has officially come on board 4+ as the brand’s 15th taste for Whey+, adding to it’s already one of a kind menu featuring the likes of choco pear, nougat and yogurt coffee. While initially 4+ did make mention of September 18th as the presumed unveiling of their mystery flavors. It seems that the brand may in fact be putting Whey+’s 15th and 16th on sale that day. At the moment we don’t know if that is exactly what’s going to happen, and if it does will there be a place with the two available on the day. Regardless of how ever it all plays out we can now turn our attention to 4+ Nutrition’s next announcement, which we are thinking is likely to be the reveal of the second new Whey+ option.

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