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Get on the juice with Athletic Xtreme, amino dominated intra-workout Gym Juice revealed

Athletic Xtreme start teasing their new intra-workout Gym Juice

Today Athletic Xtreme have revealed a brand new supplement that probably has one of the best names we’ve ever seen, with a tagline to match. While the title Gym Juice screams pre-workout with the awesome subtitle ‘get on the juice’, the upcoming Athletic Xtreme product is in fact an intra-workout. The brand have started teasing the supplement, promoting it with a video that doesn’t really explain too much, just that it helps get you through your workout. As far as contents goes, we are of course without a facts panel but with a picture of Gym Juice’s bottle we can confirm 7g of aminos, with zero caffeine, sugar or carbohydrates. For now Athletic Xtreme are only teasing Gym Juice as coming soon, which could put the product on shelves anytime over the next few months. Although with a teaser like this, we expect a couple more previews as we build up to the launch of the supplement.

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