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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, BSN confirm coming of eight supplement DNA Series

BSN confirm launch of the basic DNA Series

BSN always do it big at the Olympia, and this year is no different. The brand are right in the center of things with one of the most interesting booths here at the event. BSN have the usual athlete signings, sampling and promotional people, giving the red army a strong presence. In terms of new supplements, the brand haven’t got anything on show but have confirmed something for the next month or two. Last year’s previewed DNA Series is finally looking ready with a total of eight products set to be a part of the launch. BSN have said the items will have a very different look compared to what we saw last year, seeing a throw back like theme. The usual commodity supplements are expected to make up six of the eight DNA formulas, with two not so common basics in the line, a protein powder and multi-vitamin.

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