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Pwnd Gamerz Aggro looking ready, Chaos and Pain detail new series supplement

Chaos and Pain release the ingredients for their Pwnd Gamerz Aggro

Chaos and Pain have released the ingredients for their very first gaming supplement that is looking likely to arrive a lot earlier than Christmas. Aggro, which for now is the only product confirmed for the brand’s upcoming Pwnd Gamerz series, is set to hit the market with a seven ingredient formula. Starting from the top the supplement lists 750mg of n-acetyl tyrosine, 500mg of Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Da Vinci feature oxiracetam, 200mg picamilon, 150mg each of AMP citrate, alpha GPC and caffeine, and lastly 20mg of noopept. According to the brand’s latest announcement Aggro is currently out in the hands of reviewers, with feedback coming in soon. From here the wait is basically on, with the new information really pointing at an arrival a lot sooner than the expected late November early December.

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